Charming cottage Puy de Dôme   Clermont-ferrand

Puy de Dome

Cottage near the Puy de Dome

Your stay in the Puy de Dome with a stunning view of the Puys Ranges (listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site) in unusual accommodation: wooden chalets type fuste for an unforgettable stay with family, couple, friends, ...

An unusual cottage in the Puy de Dome

The Puy de Dome is located in the heart of the Auvergne Volcanoes Regional Natural Park, the Puys Chain is inseparable from the image of Auvergne. The Puy de Dome, a dormant volcano for 7000 years, is labelled the Grand site of France. Accessible on foot or by cog train, this summit allows you to admire a magnificent set of volcanoes, just 30 km from the Rêves de Bois Cottages. For the more daring, fly over volcanoes by paragliding or hot air balloon ...   

Meet Yourself…

Stay with family, stays all comfort, in the heart of dome puy 63?

 The volcanoes of Auvergne are majestic. Staying at the Rêves de Bois cottage, it will be possible to observe them and prepare together magnificent days of discovery. For the ascent of the Puy de Dome, you will have to choose between: the sports mode (mule path) or the tourist mode (panoramic rack train of the Domes) and then prepare a good picnic to enjoy with the family while watching the paragliders take off. These moments are beautiful to share with the family.

For a walk in the Pariou, you will have to equip yourself and have fun in the hollow of this unique volcano, perhaps even inscribe a first name with lava stones? Or lie down for a few moments and observe the world differently? Sometimes we find ourselves rediscovering nature... When fatigue begins to be felt, it is easy to return to rest quickly as the cottage is near the Puy de Dome. You can then relax in the sunbeds and observe the hot air balloons that, in the late evening, wander in the middle of the volcanoes. New dreams... for new beautiful days! The Gîte Rêves de Bois has a panoramic view of the Puys range, a show of rare beauty that will seduce lovers of beautiful landscapes. Reves de Bois offers formulas tailored to your needs whether you are a couple wanting a charming cottage in nature, a family looking for a cottage, or curists of Chatel Guyon in search of calm and rest.